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Im Schatten der Geldpolitik

October, 17th 2016

YCAP Asset Management (Europe)'s Geschäftsleiterin, Lisa Backes, liefert ihre Analyse der aktuellen Marktsituation im Schatten der EZB Geldpolitik.

YCAP rebrands High Yield Fund

April, 6th 2016

YCAP has renamed its YCAP High Yield fund to YCAP High Yield Extensus Fund, in a bid to reflect the funds altered investment concept.

Unconstrained Bond Funds - A Curse and a Blessing

March, 1st 2016

YCAP AME's sponsored statement for "Citywire Selector - Unconstrained Bonds", published in March 2016, highlights the possibilities and limits of unconstrained bond funds and how the YCAP Corporate Opportunity Fund takes advantage of those possibilities.

Distinctive added Value for Corporate Bond Fund Selectors

November, 15th 2015

In market phases as the current one, when the idiosyncratic risk factors become even more relevant than in the past, a fundamental, forward-thinking investment approach provides a clear competitive advantage. YCAP Asset Management (Europe), an active s...

YCAP AM: Do we really need QE?

November, 4th 2015

Olga Dubko, senior asset manager at YCAP and responsible for the group’s high yield solutions outlines YCAP Asset Management Europes’ stance on the necessity of QE.

More than Greece, opportunities ahead

August, 3rd 2015

For weeks now the “Greece tragedy” has been dominating headlines. At the end of this nail-biting test of patience eurozone leaders agreed on a last-minute compromise in form of (pre)conditions for a new Greek bailout package. In spite this being far fr...

Alternative zu Long Duration im Fixed Income Bereich

June, 12th 2015

In Marktphasen wie der aktuellen, die durch systemische Risikofaktoren gekennzeichnet ist, sehen wir einen klaren Vorteil in einem fundamental basierten, auf die zukünftige Entwicklung ausgerichteten Anlageansatz. Dieser erlaubt, die Identifikation e...

High Yield Blase in Sicht?

April, 13th 2015

Erst drei Monate alt, hat 2015 doch bereits für einiges Kopfzerbrechen bei Fixed Income Investoren gesorgt. Im „Niedrigst“-Zinsumfeld stehen Investoren vermehrt unter Druck optimale Investitionslösungen zu finden. Während einige von Ihnen nach alternat...

Call for Diversity

April, 8th 2015

Philip Kalus, managing partner at accelerando associates argues that the asset management industry should strive to improve diversity within its ranks in order to boost both, reputation and performance.

Low yield challenge

March, 3rd 2015

With the majority of its team being German speakers, Luxembourg based fixed income boutique YCAP is perfectly prepared to venture into the German market.

Asset Backed Securities unter der Lupe

July, 14th 2014

ABS – ein Albtraum oder doch ein attraktives Instrument für Emittenten und Investoren und zugleich Quelle zur Finanzierung bzw. Unterstützung der Realwirtschaft?

YCAP Asset Management announces new distribution focus on Germany

April, 8th 2014

Luxembourg-based fixed income investment boutique YCAP Asset Management has announced that it will focus its distribution on semi- institutional and institutional investors in the German market, in collaboration with fund distribution consultant acce...